6 Reasons Empty-nesters Are Choosing Townhomes

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Many empty nesters today are choosing townhomes and inner-city residences. The merits of staying at a townhome span security, convenience, socialization, and fitness. People have different reasons why they prefer townhomes for rent, but empty nesters are looking for specific advantages. At Pure Real Estate Management, we manage various types of residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties for different clients. Here are six reasons why many empty nesters are choosing townhomes:


1. Social Connections

Empty nesters look forward to spending their free time enjoying life and making social connections. Townhomes offer diverse communities and opportunities for social interactions. You can also access modern conveniences, make new friends with similar goals, and join social circles. Contact our team for exceptional communities with social events and activities throughout the year. Our townhomes offer limitless opportunities for networking and social connections.


2. Active Lifestyle

Our townhomes give empty nesters several avenues for experiencing an active lifestyle. Townhomes often offer communities with fitness centers, trails, organized sports, and group fitness activities. You can find group activities and meet people with similar fitness goals. Keeping fit and healthy can be a top priority for empty nesters. Many empty nesters recognize that townhomes offer easy access to facilities and groups designed for staying healthy.


3. Safety In Numbers

Modern townhomes attract diverse people from all backgrounds and can be more inclusive. Some communities are closer to police departments and other emergency-response units. People also have opportunities to get to know each other and spot strangers. Due to the safety that numbers provide, townhome residents can leave their space unoccupied without worrying about theft or burglary.


4. Easy Accessibility

Accessibility is a consideration among forward-thinking empty nesters. Mobility issues can occur to anyone, especially as you get older, and the joints and muscles weaken. Driving, stairs, and moving around can become challenging. Empty nesters can use townhome living spaces because they offer easy access to modern amenities. You can find townhomes with elevator access, nearby grocery stores, medical centers, public transport access, and social events.


5. Low Maintenance

Maintenance-free living is another reason why empty nesters are shifting to townhomes. Empty nesters seek carefree living with less mowing, gardening, and shoveling. You can check out our listing for townhomes offering maintenance-free living. The communities hire professional management firms that handle daily, weekly, and seasonal upkeep. You can enjoy less maintenance in townhomes than you would with personal property.


6. Flexible Space

Townhomes offer versatile spaces for residences, commercial enterprises, home offices, and more. You can get multi-level homes with bedrooms, full bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and basements. Townhomes offer customizable living spaces for empty nesters and have enough space to set up home workshops, offices, gyms, and private areas. You can also add luxury touches and utilize the patio, garage, and driveway. Some homes have enough space for an outdoor cooking grill or basketball net.


Premium Townhomes for Rent

Finding townhomes for rent or sale can be effortless if you contact Pure Real Estate Management. We’re a property management firm specializing in residential, commercial, and mix-use real estate. You can find a secure studio or a one/two/three-bedroom, pet-friendly unit offering equal opportunity housing.