Danzon Cubano, E+L Salon, and MODRN GR, Fulton Square

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Property Name: Fulton Square
Location: 1 Carlton Ave, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Category: Mixed-Use (boutique retail / restaurant)
Details: Fulton Square is home to some of Eastown’s hippest boutiques and an authentic Cuban-themed restaurant that serve as the centerpieces of this neighborhood apartment community. Fulton Square has 6,337 square feet of commercial space. For availability,

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Commercial Spaces

Danzon Cubano

Danzón Cubano is a tribute to the Cuban people, their history, their culture, and their perseverance in the face of trials. Our restaurant was inspired by a gentleman born in Havana, Cuba. The 3,300 square foot restaurant provides an authentic Cuban-inspired theme through food, atmosphere, music, dancing, and drinks.

E+L Salon

E+L Salon is a place that welcomes and provides inspiration + creativity through cutting, coloring, make-up and styling. E+L is committed to empowering others by curating a culture of trust, financial transparency and communication. The 1,232 square foot salon is located in the corner suite of 1 Carlton Ave.


MODRN GR offers a wide selection of eclectic, modern furniture, unique home accessories along with the cutest knick knacks for your favorite place to be…Home! MODRN GR also offers design consultation services.  MODRN GR is located on the ground floor of Fulton Square in a 814 square foot space.