Sacred Expressions, Lorde Beauty, and Eastown Barbershop, Eastown Flats

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Property Name: Eastown Flats
Location: 1400/1415 Wealthy Street, Eastown (Grand Rapids), MI 49503
Category: Mixed-Use (boutique salon, retail, barber)
Details: Eastown Flats is a two-building, mixed-use development in the heart of Eastown. An eclectic array of ground floor tenants, including an upscale tattoo parlor, beauty/wellness boutique, and a local barbershop, create a lively mix of activity to compliment this apartment community. For availability,

Sacred Expressions
Sacred Expressions is a high-end body art boutique in the heart of Eastown. The staff, creativity of the work, and atmosphere in the space are every bit as unique and inspiring as Eastown itself. In addition to traditional and tribal tattoo, the shop showcases blown glass artwork and associated accessories. The shop occupies a 1,241 square foot retail storefront at 1415 Wealthy Street.

LORDE Beauty
At LORDE, we are on a mission to wipe out fear associated with one’s beauty, and remind you that you are a magnificent creation! With transparency, our hope is to connect you to your innate beauty on the deepest level, honoring yourself and our environment in the most loving and healthy way possible. Our health is our beauty, and our beauty is our health…neither should be compromised ever. From source to experience, everything offered at LORDE is the utmost highest quality with greater accountability to our clients, community and the environment. LORDE has become a beacon for transformative thinking and community building since opening in Eastown Flats in 2017. The 899 square foot store front is located in the 1400 building of Eastown Flats.

Gaslight Barber Shop
Gaslight Barber Shop is a staple of Eastown and is so much more than a Barber Shop. Over the years, it’s been a place for the friends to gather, a place to connect, and place to clean up and feel good about yourself. This locally-owned business operates in a 376 square foot space in the 1400 building of Eastown Flats.