The Benefits of Living in a 1 Bedroom Apartment

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One bedroom apartments work well for many reasons aside from budget. They have several advantages such as efficiency, and due to affordability, can often allow you save money to better prepare for home ownership or a larger rental. At Pure Real Estatament Management, we have beautiful and spacious 1 bedroom apartments for rent. Here are five benefits of renting a 1 bedroom apartment:

Easier to Maintain Space

Our one bedroom apartments feature a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, and most feature a balcony or patio. When you compare this space with larger two or three bedroom houses, it’s more manageable and the “added” square foot of most larger units is typically just the additional bedroom, so your living space is nearly the same. You don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintaining extra rooms and can easily customize the space to fit your needs and preferences. If you live alone, maintaining a 1 bedroom apartment is quicker and easier than larger spaces. Our 1 bedroom apartments for rent have all the necessary amenities for comfortable and convenient living. 

Reduced Rent

When you compare the rent of 1 bedroom apartments to bigger spaces, it’s lower and more manageable. This can be an excellent advantage for anyone wanting to save money. Reduced rent helps you use the savings for other necessities or even invest in your future. It can also make living in certain areas with higher rental costs more affordable. You won’t be sacrificing quality or comfort for the reduced rent. 

Ideal for People Living Alone

Moving to a new place can be intimidating, especially if you’re living alone. A big house can add stress to your budget and may be overwhelming as you adjust. One bedroom apartments often have a more intimate atmosphere and can be more personal. This can create a sense of comfort and security, making it an ideal living situation in many cases.

Less Money Spent on Furnishings and Utilities

You don’t need to spend as much on furnishings and utilities! Smaller living spaces also require less energy to heat, cool, and light, leading to lower utility bills. Our 1 bedroom apartments feature open floor plans so simply re-arranging furniture and adding new decor can completely transform the atmosphere when it’s time for seasonal re-decorating or when inspired by a new phase in life. 

Minimized Clutter

Clutter can make your home feel less inviting and overwhelming. One bedroom apartments can help to minimize clutter. That makes it easier to maintain a neat living environment, which can completely transform your outlook on your home. The manageable space also allows for more creative solutions when decorating and organizing your home. 

Consider 1 Bedroom Apartments For Rent

Pure Real Estatament Management provides spacious and luxurious one bedroom apartments to make your life simple and comfortable. With our rental properties, you get all the benefits of a 1 bedroom apartment without sacrificing comfort, quality, or living space. If you need more space, we also have two and three bedroom apartments available to rent. Contact us today for more information about our rental properties.